Monday, November 1, 2010

hoosier family - christmas mini session

in all honesty, i don't really remember much of last year's christmas season.  what i do recall is how wonderfully (but crazy!) busy i was.  i was blessed to be able to do a lot of session and design work, and i spent lots of time with my amazing clients.


i don't remember seeing my husband and little people very much last fall, so i thought i would try doing things a bit differently this year.  rather than only offer full-blown photography sessions leading up to the holiday season, i thought i would give mini-sessions a go.  so i pulled out my calendar, scrolled back through previous years' sessions, and decided that the last weekend in october really did offer the best in terms of weather and nice fall colors.

the last friday of the month didn't give me enough time to shoot between clients getting off work and when the sun went down; sunday wouldn't work because of church and halloween; soooo....i shot the mini-sessions on saturday, which just so happened to be my "28th" birthday (or something like that).  we begin with my first confessed blog-stalker and her family.

i was shopping in publix one day ages ago, and this girl looked at me and said, "mrs. lewis?"  after i got over feeling a little sad that a teenager had just called me "mrs. lewis", i turned to see a beautiful young lady smiling at me.  she introduced herself and told me that she recognized me from my blog.  and there, in checkout line three, began my relationship with the hoosier family. 


giann has continued to follow my blogs, and it's been fun to keep up with her via email and occasional run-ins at our church.  i loved visiting with this sweet girl, and i'm thankful that she brought her family along for our mini-session this year.  it was so great to meet you all!  :-)


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these are amazing pictures

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